Top Play Therapy Room

Top Play Room 2012

Owner, Beverly Newman, a licensed professional counselor-supervisor, licensed specialist in school psychology and registered play therapist-supervisor whose passion and desire to help troubled children is evident, has been treating children and adolescents for more than 20 years. Her playrooms have been showcased as one of the top playrooms by the Association of Play Therapy.  The same expressive and curative powers that play offers children are available to adolescents.  Her playrooms are designed for both children and adolescents.

The most important element to a therapeutic playroom is the relationship the play therapist creates with the child. Providing a safe, therapeutic environment for children to express themselves through creative play is how she supports the healing relationship.  Her favorite compliment: “This is the best place in the whole wide world. Can I live here with you?”  reflects how much planning and strategy went into creating her special environment.  Beverly stated, “I wanted to create a dynamic place for the child and therapist to sort through traumatic memories, cognitive distortions, and painful content in a safe, constructive, and stable environment.”

Helping children work through challenging situations while giving them courage and confidence is reflective of the nurturing environment provided at Newman Clinical.


• Building and playroom are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, compliant.

• Easy access to a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

• Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in place.

• Restrooms are easily accessible.

• Wires and electrical outlets are safe.

• No sharp objects accessible or sharp corners on furniture.

• Bookcases and shelves are secured to the wall and at the right height for a child.

• Cleaning supplies and chemicals stored out of reach. Poison control number accessible.

• Safety plan identified dealing with disgruntled individuals. Ask local law enforcement to tour your facility and make them aware of any concerns and offer advice.

• Evacuation plan for emergencies (natural disasters, fire, terrorism, etc.). Practice drills to work out kinks.

• Well marked emergency exits.


• Toys are consistently accessible, orderly, and clean, never leaving the Play Therapy room. Good housekeeping.

• Child and adolescent toys that allow children to express real-life, aggression, nurturing feelings and actions.

• Opportunities for emotional release, as well as the exploration of possibilities and the reenactment of trauma.

• Toys selected are durable, easy to use by the child and allow for a range of self-expression.

• Assure privacy and confidentiality in considering the location of The Play Therapy room to the waiting room, and soundproofing.


• Children are encouraged and allowed to be silly, and laugh, and play with the play therapist.