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“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― St. Francis of Assisi

Getting Started with Newman Clinical

1. Meet the therapist (see our video)

2. Read the Disclosure, HIPAA and Credit Card Agreement

3. Print and sign the children only receiving therapy forms or if you are an adult print and sign the adult forms. For adolescents, please print and sign the adolescent forms. Bring them into the office on your first visit.

4. Fill out the insurance verification form contained in the appropriate form package listed in step #4 and fax or email before your first visit. Insurance should be verified before coming in on your first visit.

Getting Started with Play Therapy

The first session is with the parent/guardian without the child present to ensure I understand the presenting behaviors and emotional issues. If treatment is indicated, the next step to getting started is obtaining your consent to request current academic, medical, and/or diagnostic records of your child. If consent is required by another parent please provide a copy of the most current divorce decree/custody agreement from both parents. Reviewing existing information will minimize the amount of time spent analyzing these areas unnecessarily, thereby maximizing time spent on positive appropriate treatment interventions to address your concerns and your child’s needs.

Child/Adolescent Therapy

It is important to tap into all available intervention strategies when addressing your child’s needs and concerns. Research shows that small group therapy provides recuperative power, refreshing support, and facilitates self-discovery for meaningful change.

At Newman Clinical Associates we offer Filial Therapy Groups for parents/guardians and developmentally appropriate Groups for Children and Adolescents with an emphasis on positive behavior management, social skills, communication, self-esteem, and the therapeutic healing process.

The adolescent questionnaire is contained in the adolescent package above, however, if you want to fill out the form confidentially the adolescent self-reporting form only form is available separate from the child package above. NOTE: This form can be filled in on your computer and emailed, or printed.

Groups for Children and Adolescents:

Children are diamonds in the rough; therefore small group counseling activities directly teach pro-social skills and provide opportunities for each child to “practice for success” with their peers. Sessions are designed to develop competence in dealing with interpersonal conflicts, learn to use self-control, and contribute to a positive home and/or school environment.

Filial Therapy Groups:

Filial therapy is an excellent method of learning and enhancing strong parenting skills that are inclined to help both the child and the parent: become more secure in their relationship; positive in their personal identity; and instrumental in processing feelings, behaviors, and verbal/ non-verbal communication. Filial Therapy groups are powerful encounters with like-minded parents who wish to utilize play therapy interventions at home to enhance the counseling process and potentially accelerate their child’s progress.

Children and Adolescent Assessment:

Early assessment of a child’s needs without pointing an accusing finger, is the first step to addressing the emotional or behavioral issues of children and adolescents. Other important keys to success are the development of a positive support system, sharing a relationship of trust with a therapist, frequent communication about issues of parenting a unique child, receiving timely encouragement, and enthusiastic participation in the therapeutic process.

Many parents bring their children to Newman Clinical Associates for help coordinating professional resources to determine if their child may be exhibiting characteristics of a clinical diagnosis such as, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, others want clarification whether their child may have an identifiable learning disability, and others are concerned their child may be symptomatic of an emotional disturbance. Early detection can have a tremendous impact on a young person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being and we want to facilitate your child getting the support they need.

Life can be very difficult under the best circumstances. We can appreciate the frustration your child may be experiencing because they are not consistently successful in school. We understand why concerned parents are hesitant to put their child on medication without a clinical diagnosis. We know the struggles of peer relationships can be debilitating to any child.

The scope of any assessment or referral is based on individual needs and concerns of your child and the complex reasons for seeking assistance. We work with a wide range of professionals and will be glad to help you find a pediatrician, psychologist or child psychiatrist that fits your child’s needs and family finances.

We want to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can make informed decisions and your child can begin playing to their strengths.

Women’s Therapy

Helping women work through issues throughout their life whether it’s relationships, grief/loss, depression our therapists are committed to working with you through your journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to turn to someone with your deepest feelings and thoughts.  Our counselors are compassionate and believe a therapeutic relationship is essential in guiding you through life’s complex situations.

There are many unknowns when faced with managing our life, especially as women, we may be dealing with menopause, new relationships, divorce, child-rearing, and many other areas where we may look to others for guidance.  Our counselors are equipped to help you manage the unexpected when it emerges.

Marriage Counseling

We help prepare couples for marriage and help committed couples build and maintain a happy marriage despite challenges they face. I work with couples to address strengths and growth areas including: communication, conflict resolution,  financial management, relationship roles, marriage expectations, children and parenting, and how to achieve life’s goals together. Marriage is an amazing journey and it truly helps to have a guide.

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