About Us
"When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: Tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become." ― Louis Pasteur

Who We Are

Our counseling center specializes in women’s issues, child/adolescent issues, parent/child relationships and play therapy.  Some of our therapists are certified play therapists and hold the appropriate licenses with the State of Texas.

We personally assess each family’s case based on the knowledge gathered during the initial parent consultation.  We take pride in the high level of care we provide. We believe counseling is more than identifying problems. It’s about problem-solving, building self-esteem and confidence, shaping futures, and giving children, adolescents and adults something to smile about! The success of our practice is enhanced by creating a fun and upbeat atmosphere for everyone.

For play therapy, children and adolescents are typically eager to begin counseling and are enthusiastic, cooperative, and helpful with their care. We encourage you to talk with us about specific needs and actively participate in your child’s therapeutic process. It is our desire that parenting be fun again for disheartened caregivers. Whatever your child’s needs, you can be sure that we want them to hit “grand slams” no matter what brings them to our door at the Sandlot Counseling Center!

Our Therapists

Newman Clinical Associates Therapist

Beverly Newman


Beverly Newman has a passion for helping with family issues and a specialist in childhood issues.  Her philosophies and methods have made a difference in many lives throughout her career. Beverly is committed to providing a high level of individualized service.

Amber Harville


Amber  is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Intern specializing in working with children and families. She earned her Master’s in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston in May 2013 and spent her practicum and internship in a private child psychology practice.

Shareece Dumont

Shareece Dumont


Shareece is a Counselor Intern Student who has completed her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling coursework with Liberty Christian University and is now fulfilling her internship requirements to graduate this summer, 2015.  Her passion is to help others find true meaning and joy in life.

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